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Preparing to Climb
Terms of use



Climbing is a sport with a risk of serious injury and even death. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge and skills and equipment for safe climbing. Always follow equipment and safety instructions and practice belaying and climbing techniques in safe conditions.

Kajaani's climbing facilities are always used at your own risk. Kajaani climbing center is not responsible for accidents or loss/damage of personal property caused by customers' incorrect actions.


Bringing children to the premises is allowed. However, there must always be a responsible supervisor for children who informs them of the dangers and supervises them. One adult can bring a maximum of 3 supervised minors. The climbing center can prohibit children from being brought into the premises if it considers this to cause dangerous situations.

The staff has the right to issue a warning to a climber or belayer engaging in dangerous activity. Ignoring the warning can lead to a ban on the gate.

Customers have the right and obligation to intervene in clearly dangerous activities or to call the staff to the scene in dangerous situations.

All climbing equipment used must be UIAA approved.

Climbing is only allowed with climbing shoes, not sneakers, socks or bare feet.

Climbers should be aware that the grips can rotate or, in the worst case, break. Never stand directly under a climber. If the handle is loose or broken, please notify the staff. Notches or other wall structures may not be processed.

Always notify the staff of any illnesses that may affect your state of consciousness.

You must not climb or belay while intoxicated.

The personnel has the right to remove the customer from the premises of the Climbing Center if the customer's behavior requires it. The staff can ban customers if the situation requires it.

Customers are asked to find out the location of the emergency exits and familiarize themselves with the safety instructions in case of an emergency.



Bouldering allows you to climb jalat  at a height of approx. 2-3 meters. Always ensure a safe fall onto the mattress below.

Without a harness (risk of injury).

The bouldering facility is not a children's playground. Please take care of the safety of young climbers.

Climbing on the walls of the bouldering room, i.e. stomping, is prohibited.




The use of loose magnesium is prohibited. The reason is health problems for both workers and climbers. When you use a squat ball, you prevent magnesium from spreading into the breathing air.

Walking barefoot in the climbing hall and corridors is prohibited due to the risk of spreading athlete's foot.

Follow good manners on the walls and consider others as well.


Kajaani climbing center reserves the right to change these terms of use. The updated terms of use are displayed in the climbing facilities. It is the customer's responsibility to monitor possible changes in these terms and conditions in order to be aware of their content.


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